Women in The Metaverse Celebrates The Contributions Of Women Founders In The Development Of The Metaverse

A group of women has come together to celebrate and recognize the contributions of women-led projects to the growth and development of the metaverse. Organized by Zuke AR and Clutch Wallet, the new network which has been named Women in the Metaverse, is made up of incredibly talented women, drawn from a diverse group of the best and most decorated contributors in the tech space. 

Described as the next iteration of the Internet where the physical and digital world will come together, the Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds that leverage virtual and augmented reality to allow people to be within the internet rather than just have access to it.

Sydney Phillips, the CEO and founder of Zuke AR, and also one of the organizers of Women in the Metaverse, revealed that the group was created to highlight the amazing inputs of female founders, whose contributions largely go unnoticed and unappreciated in the world of tech, and more specifically, in the development of the metaverse.

“It’s sad that despite the awesome things women have done and the great impact they’ve had in the development of web 3.0 technology and the metaverse, most of their inputs go unnoticed and unappreciated. There are a lot of amazing female founders out there, doing great work and laying down strong technological foundations upon which the metaverse will thrive in the coming decades. And so we formed this network to recognize their contributions and show the world that the metaverse isn’t going to be another male-dominated world.” – Sydney Phillips, founder, and CEO of Zuke AR. 

Some of the founders who made it to the list include Camille Merre, Co-founder and Chief Metaverse Officer at Gem XR, Muki Kulhan, Founder of Muki – INTL / 5G technologist / Immersive Producer, Elizabeth Hyman, CEO at XR Association, Jen Greyson, Board of Kerala Blockchain Academy, Artsy Marie, CEO of Metaculture VR/NFT Oasis Builder, and many others.

“We wanted to bring these women together to inspire others that they too can have a role in building this new world. We’re bullish on women in the metaverse and excited that there are so many women-led projects already contributing to its development. As the old adage states, when women support each other, incredible things happen. We want Women In The Metaverse to act as an infrastructure for that support.” – Rebecca Jones, CEO & Co-founder of Clutch Wallet.

More info: https://womeninmetaverse.net

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